DevOps Essentials: What Every CIO Needs to Know About DevOps

Doing or becoming DevOps isn’t a simple task. It Is not only about creating cross-functional teams or hiring people with DevOps experience. DevOps done right is often a multi-year transition without a clear ending. One of the key requirements for success is leadership, simply because the transition will impact nearly all aspects of the organization. This includes the hierarchical structure, the setup of teams, the technical value streams, the IT architecture, the training of staff, etc. It is the orchestration of these elements together that will make the difference in the success of a DevOps journey.

Ron van Kemenade, CIO of ING Bank, spoke about this at DevOps Enterprise 2016 event in London. He stated that the ING organizational chart did not change very much at all, but the way the teams were led and the role of the team leaders changed significantly. Therefore, top leadership needs to set the norms, and act as an example to coach the leaders of the organization. Building a new culture, with new engineering practices, and a new way of working requires confidence and a deep understanding to be successful. Consider this video as a first step towards accumulating the essential knowledge of any CIO or IT leader getting involved with DevOps.

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