Digital Transformation Fundamentals

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RM 2,500.00 excl. VAT
  • 20 December 2018
    (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  • 21 December 2018
    (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The Digital Transformation Fundamentals training course is the starting point for anyone involved in Digital Transformation. This course is designed to provide the core principles necessary to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. It will inspire you to lead and support Digital Transformation as a Digital Champion. The course materials used are developed iteratively and continuously updated to always reflect the latest trends and insights.

Why this Digital Transformation Fundamentals training?

In this training course participants learn to apply concepts like Design Thinking, Business Canvas Modeling, Storytelling and the Voice of the Customer to ignite and grow Digital Transformation within their organizations and teams. The course is structured around the six dimensions of Digital Transformation as shown in the framework. Actual cases and ambitions from participants are used – by applying the concepts mentioned – to explore each of these dimensions. At the end of the course, each participant pitches to the group how they would like to initiate and support Digital Transformation within their organization or team. Based on feedback from the instructor and the other participants, the participant will acquire practical tips & tricks on how to apply best practices in the most effective way.

What you will learn

  • Key concepts of digital transformation and why they matter
  • How to use concepts like Design Thinking, Business Canvass Modeling, Storytelling and the Voice of the Customer to initiate and channel Digital Transformation initiatives
  • How industry history and consumer trends and developments have led us to where we are today
  • How to approach Digital Transformation using different perspectives like Value Networks, Innovative Competencies, Big Data, Frontier Technologies and Digital Business Models
  • The importance of proactive leadership during a digital transformation
  • How to get started on your digital transformation journey
  • The 6 dimensions of Digital Transformation and why they were chosen
  • The need to define the organization’s as-is state in relation to its digital capability, as well as the need to establish a roadmap for reaching the desired to-be state
  • Setting up for transformation and business success by understanding how you – as an individual and part of a group – can have a game-changing impact on your digital journey

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in a digital transformation project who is unsure of where to start or what to do next. An organization’s senior executives and its Board of Directors. An organization’s digital transformation team and department heads accountable for delivering the necessary change. Managers and other senior personnel who want to measure their digital maturity and implement a digital transformation program across their organization to achieve improved customer satisfaction and profitability.


Digital Transformation Fundamentals

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