Lean-Agile Enterprise, cornerstone of flexibility

Disrupt before you become disrupted

“Disrupt before you’re disrupted” is a catchphrase heard in every sector. Technological developments are occurring one after another at an increasing pace and they are changing our life as a person, a customer and an employee. In turn, to survive, enterprises have to change their way of working. More than 70% of the companies that were on the Fortune 500 list ten years ago have now disappeared. They have been replaced by organizations that work in short cycles, like Amazon, Google and Coolblue. Disruptors like these have mastered agility by creating innovative ecosystems to embed agility across the entire organization: from ideas to product development and all the way through to release and support.

Scrum as a miracle cure for all ills?

In practice, we see countless organizations applying scrum practices as a way of introducing short-cycle processes. However, that is not enough and, moreover, it often fails after some initial enthusiasm. Experience shows that organizations often fall back into doing things in the old way. There is no measurable improvement in terms of behavior and leadership. Silos are formed, teams do not collaborate sufficiently and there are no value streams (team versus flow). As a result, resistance to change continues to grow.

Deliver added value faster at lower costs

Respond more effectively to market changes and customer needs

Reduce complexity by working in value streams

What is Enterprise Agility all about?

Enterprise Agility is a way of working and organizing that enables an organization to create a proper balance between speed and stability. By placing the strategic focus on operational discipline, accelerative leadership and smart technology, response times are shortened and complexity is reduced. In other words: Enterprise Agility means the capacity of the entire organization to respond to changes in the environment in a flexible and agile way. Agile is based on the core principles of Lean and as such it is a development that will continue to support organizations in their transformations in the years ahead.

“Changing the way in which a company is organized and how it behaves, requires a disciplined and structured approach that is both iterative and incremental.”

Scaling agile by implementing SAFe®

To remain competitive, enterprises need to digitally transform their operations, business solutions, and customer experience. The larger challenge in many enterprises is that their current business models, organizational hierarchy, and technology infrastructure can’t keep pace with the rapid change required. Put simply, enterprises need business agility, the determining factor that will decide the winners and losers in the digital economy. SAFe can help your enterprise improve business outcomes by accelerating productivity, time to market, quality, employee engagement, and more. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an online knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for implementing Lean, Agile, and DevOps at scale.

Our change approach

It is clear that a flexible organization is important, but how do you change a sluggish organization into a Lean-Agile Enterprise? Quint advises and supports companies in making this transformation. To this end, we have developed an approach that focuses on three goals: value creation, acceleration & quality, and leadership.

Lean & Agile principles

We provide experience and best practices based on successful enterprise transformations. This enables us to quickly identify the major problems hindering the value creation process. We resolve these problems by effectively applying Lean and Agile principles.

Scaling teams in value streams

Many companies are able to experiment successfully within teams, but find scaling and collaboration in value streams difficult. We ensure that things go beyond experimentation, and that the entire organization adopts the principles and lessons learned and continues to apply them.

Accelerative leadership

Enterprise Agility has little chance of succeeding unless the leaders change as well and lead the way as role models. This does not happen automatically. Leaders need to adopt a leadership style that is based on trust, employee empowerment and a commitment to personal development as well as the development of others.

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