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If you, as an organization, want to realize a digital transformation, it will require people, processes and technology to change. Sourcing your technology is a key success factor. By intelligently sourcing their technology, organizations can effect a successful digital transformation, reduce costs, improve efficiency and accelerate innovation. Whether you want to move computing power to the cloud, use the most suitable AI platform, outsource development capacity or insource a distinctive process, a proper sourcing strategy will contribute to the success of your digital transformation.

Acceleration digital transformation

Every year, in collaboration with Whitelane Research, Quint studies developments in sourcing. When CIOs and their direct reports were asked if they expected to make more or less use of sourcing in the years ahead, the answers showed a clear increase. 42% of the organizations indicated that they would be making more use of outsourcing versus 11% who indicated they would be insourcing more. The main reasons for making more use of the market were still the following: focusing on core business, improving the quality of services and cost optimization. In addition, we see that companies are more and more often entering into relationships with the focus on innovation. For companies, new digital platforms and partnerships with market parties act as a springboard for their digital transformation and enable them to accelerate it.

Focus on core activities & accelerating innovation

Increasing quality & customer satisfaction

Optimize and transparency of costs

Best practices in sourcing

Sourcing with the focus on people, processes and technology is essential if you want to remain competitive in a digital world. A good sourcing strategy enables you to maximize both your own capacities and the opportunities the market has to offer. With over 25 years’ experience in this field, Quint can provide you with best practices, templates, tools and models for every phase of a sourcing project. For many years, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has named Quint on its list of the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors. The advice you receive from us is always independent Because we are not affiliated with any IT suppliers, we are unbiased in our choices regarding insourcing, outsourcing and public or private cloud. We have only your best interests at heart and we find the mix that is best aligned with your goals.

“With the right sourcing of their technology, organizations can achieve successful digital transformation, reduce costs, improve efficiency and accelerate innovations.”

Acceleration through the use of SaaS platforms

You can find Software as a Service in every organization. Digital platforms like ServiceNow and Salesforce, and platforms for electronic health records and HRM, play a larger role in the digitalization of primary and secondary business processes. Issues that arise from the use of these apps and platforms occur in the areas of data integration, security and, naturally, license fees.

Scalability and lower costs through public cloud

The opportunities offered by unlimited flexibility and scalability at a lower cost are convincing many organizations to incorporate the services of Azure, AWS or Google into their IT landscape. In this regard, we see questions arising, involving how these new services should be integrated into an existing landscape of private cloud and non-cloud environments (creating a hybrid cloud).

Sourcing meets agile en DevOps

Many organizations have adopted an agile way of working and have started to implement DevOps. These new working methods require that the use of and cooperation with suppliers be evaluated. Familiar fixed price/fixed date contracts and SLA-based contracting have to be placed in this new context, and converted into different types of contractual agreements.

An integrated approach

Its long-term impact on an organization makes sourcing a strategic issue in which the consequences of potential choices have to be made as clear as possible beforehand. What are you going to do yourself? What are you going to do with others? What will you outsource? What apps and services will you migrate to the cloud? To help you source successfully in a digital world, Quint takes follows an integrated approach.

The current situation, risks and opportunities

It is important to get to know the current situation, the risks and opportunities, and constraints. In this regard, we examine more than just the technology alone. We also look at the possible impact on people, and at legal/financial aspects like ongoing obligations, as well as at business and IT processes and how they will develop in the future.

Setting down goals, scenarios and next steps

We determine the goals that need to be achieved, and once the goals are clear, we set down scenarios and assess them against the goals, risks and opportunities so that we can then choose the optimal sourcing scenario. Finally, it is important to determine the next steps for implementation.

Smart use of technology to manage suppliers

Which supplier is responsible for an incident or has the capacity to resolve it? How do we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks? That problem can be solved by making agreements about your own governance platform, including your suppliers’ connection to such a platform. This will guarantee you a single source of truth and complete transparency regarding supplier performance.

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