Sourcing Governance

Focus on the interaction between IT demand and supply, and shift to performance-based management


Sourcing Governance & Demand Supply Governance

Demand Supply Organizations (DSOs) need to deliver added value to their organization. As far as management is concerned, in relationships with sourcing parties, the focus is mainly on the process side. However, this focus needs to shift towards a result-oriented approach: performance-based management. In this type of management, the focus is emphatically on the results for the organization as a whole. Reporting these results becomes much easier by using a clear KPI dashboard. The Quint Demand Supply Governance Framework is an excellent example of this. With the help of this framework and dashboard, DSOs can effectively monitor and realize business cases for various sourcing initiatives. This instrument can also be geared towards the attitude and behavior of all partners, such as the customers and suppliers involved in delivering the services. Of course, we take into consideration existing frameworks, integrated processes and installed tooling. Using KPIs stimulates optimal IT services. In addition, applying KPIs to measure performance provides insight into factors critical to your customer satisfaction level.

Demand Supply Governance Framework (DSGF)

The most important contribution that IT can deliver to the business is to add maximum value in relation to the amount invested in IT. The Demand Supply Governance Framework (DSGF) delivers the best of two worlds: the interaction between business demand, and the possibilities and costs of the adequate delivery of IT services. Over the past 15 years, we have implemented this framework to assess, design, and manage our clients’ demand and supply governance.


Sourcing Governance Workshop

Professionals involved in outsourcing and managing outsourcing have an important role to play in helping their organization plan, invest in, and execute a cohesive set of business practices for designing and implementing a strong governance program. Our intensive one-day Sourcing  Governance Workshop helps you define and implement an effective sourcing governance model.

Sourcing Governance Assessment

Take a different look at understanding your Sourcing Governance performance. Our Sourcing Governance Assessment serves as the basis for evaluating and benchmarking your governance and developing an improvement roadmap at the organizational level, team level, and even the individual level. We can show you where to focus and invest in order to deliver lasting improvements regarding the capabilities of your IT teams.

Demand and Supply Ecosystem

In practice, demand, supply and governance are not as easy as they sound. Good collaboration is needed between internal and external parties in order to support all stakeholders and deliver the best value. Quint’s Collaboration Assessment is a proven best practice for assessing this collaboration. Moreover, it delivers an improvement roadmap for you to follow.

Demand Supply Organization Design

Is your Demand Supply Organization (DSO) fit for the future? Do you want to improve the structure, roles and responsibilities of your governance department? Quint has supported the design and development of more than one hundred DSOs. We make them lean and mean, and capable of delivering value without the waste of unnecessary bureaucratic structures.

Governance Audit Support

IT departments are under pressure to comply with a growing number of laws and regulations. Quint supports organizations that need to demonstrate and improve their compliance with these laws and regulations. Whether you are COBIT®, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27000, ISAE3402, SOx, Basel II, Solvency II or GDPR compliant, our assessors and ISACA-certified consultants will be happy to help you.

Sourcing Governance Training

Quint Academy offers training to transfer the knowledge, insight and skills you need to manage your governance effectively. Quint offers various courses including Sourcing Governance Foundation, Best Value Procurement, COBIT® 5.0 and the IAOP® Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) master classes.


Sourcing Governance Training and Certification

Sourcing Governance Foundation

The current trend in outsourcing IT services has changed the management context for providing the business with the IT services it needs, against best prices and conditions. Operational control is…

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Service Integration and Management Foundation

The governance of outsourcing is a high-priority agenda item for organizations. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) involves integrating the sub-services of all kinds of internally outsourced…

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COBIT® 5 Foundation

This COBIT® Foundation training course provides an overview the main concepts of IT Governance according to ISACA latest governance framework, and how they can be applied. The COBIT framework…

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COBIT® 5 Implementation

COBIT 5 is the latest edition of ISACA's globally accepted framework. It provides an end-to-end business view of the governance of enterprise IT, reflecting the central role of information and…

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