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Success with Digital Transformation for Médecins Sans Frontières


To support a smooth transition from Oracle enterprise software to Microsoft Dynamics. And, at the same time, optimize the end-to-end processes of five departments.

“Experience has shown that implementing a new ERP system is complex and can fail if project management – and management as a whole – is not up to scratch”






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*about the photo: MSF doctor Djenabou Diallo examines her 77-year-old patient Bambi Gandega, who has breast cancer, in Bamako. Mali, September 2019. MSF/MOHAMMAD GHANNAM. 

About Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

MSF’s teams of experts work day and night to provide humanitarian aid to people affected by emergency situations. From surgeons in field hospitals to fundraisers in the street. Medical, humanitarian and critical, MSF provides medical assistance in conflict zones, after natural disasters, during epidemics, and more. When MSF sees injustice, they let the world know. MSF is committed to an inclusive culture and will not be constrained by borders. The organization is based on independence, neutrality and impartiality; it is professional and effective. This can mean the difference between life and death. MSF was founded in 1971 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

Key Challenge

The MSF Operational Center Amsterdam wanted to further optimize its core processes. The outdated Oracle ERP environment needed to be replaced by Microsoft Dynamics software. The implementation would also provide an opportunity to further digitalize the end-to-end processes of the HR, Logistics, Finance, Operations and Shared Management Processes departments. MSF had contracted a party in India to implement the software. The underlying goal of the entire transition to Microsoft Dynamics was to realize time and costs savings of 30%. Experience has shown that implementing a new ERP system is complex and can fail if project management – and management as a whole – is not up to scratch. That is why Quint was asked to manage the project.

The Approach

MSF had to reorganize certain things to ensure that the implementation would run smoothly. The starting point in this regard was to adopt a more lean approach to the transition. For example, by appointing a single responsible person per department (instead of three) to lead the implementation at the department level. In addition, a governance policy was drawn up – and enforced – for each department so that better decisions could be made faster. The departments were also linked to one another so that they could resolve cross-department problems themselves. Apart from the core processes, the project planning and scope were tackled and made leaner. The scope was simplified and the testing and acceptance phase was revised.

The Results

MSF’s staff experienced the transition from Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics as a challenge. In spite of this, the implementation team never doubted that this large-scale project would be brought to completion successfully. The team experienced the lean implementation as being enjoyable. The new software is now live. No significant bugs were identified and MSF is now ready to introduce a culture of continuous improvement for the next steps to be taken. Together with Quint, MSF set a realistic budget and the project was subsequently delivered within that budget. Finally, all the departments successfully completed the controlled go-live phase in the new environment.


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