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Transforming the IT landscape into a data-centric & omnichannel environment


Transform DHA from a mortgage advisory with a one-size-fits-all proposition into an organization capable of offering multiple propositions through an omnichannel customer journey.

“To transform our current legacy into a renewed digital-based business model which is enabled by an agile organization and a state-of-the-art IT platform.”






€ million revenue

About De Hypothekers Associatie (DHA)

DHA started 32 years ago with one retail shop. Today it has become a household name in the Netherlands and the absolute market leader on the Dutch market with 92% spontaneous brand recognition. Since its establishment, DHA has advised more than 1 million people on their mortgage decision through its effective franchise network. DHA offers a complete package of services that includes insurance policies and mortgage advice, selection and execution.

Key Challenge

Due to the simplification of the mortgage offerings on the Dutch market and multiple new entrants, the rise of execution-only mortgages and the emerging possibilities of robo advice, DHA needed to rethink its business model and market approach in order to increase its market share in the future. The challenge was to transform the supporting IT landscape into a flexible, data-centric, omnichannel digitalized environment, with innovative connections to other members of the ecosystem, while at the same time turning the internal organization into a high performance, agile working entity with superb IT coming from a number of new external suppliers as well.

The Approach

Quint started with an analysis of the current IT landscape and the challenges put forward by the business. This was mainly done from a sourcing and architecture/data perspective, showing that both the architecture and some key applications would reach their end of life in the near future. After creating a new architectural and organizational design with a sound financial business case, Quint led the project to implement the new solution. Implementation included outsourcing to multiple new suppliers, introducing an agile way of working into the current organization, preparing an assessment of and a design for new governance, facilitating new customer journeys and frequently challenging the executive management from the perspective of a trusted advisor.

The Results

The result was a completely new IT landscape which enabled DHA’s primary business model to be transformed into an omnichannel, flexible, data-driven customer approach. Through various customer journeys, DHA has put itself at the centre of a large ecosystem, positioning both customers and data suppliers so as to be crucial in the value chain of independent mortgage advice. In addition, the internal organization has been significantly reduced, transformed and professionalized, serving the financial business case of a 25% cost reduction and an anticipated growth in market share of 20% in the targeted areas. This project has made DHA future-ready!


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