Applied AI

Guiding organizations on their AI journey

With this approach, we take you through all the stages of leveraging Artificial Intelligence, from analyzing use cases to developing AI-driven solutions, so we can help you to realize your AI ambitions.

Companies are still facing many challenges when it comes to adopting advanced solutions. From unclear vision and organizational challenges to lack of technical infrastructure or trouble identifying use cases. That’s where Anchormen comes in. With our unique approach to scaling automation, AI, and Advanced Analytics, we can put your data to use and bring actual value within weeks.

Through our experience and proven track-record, we’ve distilled an approach that will help your organization discover potential use cases, identify available data, and develop a working model within 6 to 8 weeks that can also be integrated and taken into production. We always start small, test quickly, and improve efficiently!

What is our Applied AI approach?

We work with you to identify the most valuable use cases and scale AI throughout your entire organization. Our approach goes through the following steps:

1. Use case discovery

Together with you, we set up a workshop to investigate potential use cases and business needs. An ‘use case’ is a specific problem that can be addressed with AI or ML.

2. Quick scan

Once use cases are identified, our team analyses your data to identify the potential of applying AI and ML to solve the issue and bring value.

3. Proof of value

We develop a working model and push its performance in line with success criteria. If necessary, we roll out a temporary Data platform to leverage Cloud.

4. Integration

Once the model is developed, we integrate it with existing or new systems. If necessary, we develop Cloud architecture or a Data Hub. This phase involves:

Why the Applied AI approach?

With our proven track record to activate data, we know how to create success in the shortest possible time and deliver use cases with meaningful results.

Business value focused

We help you define AI and ML use cases with value and feasibility in mind. Stakeholders are involved from the start

From idea to production

A clear and phased approach from brainstorm to production with gate stops to minimize risk

AI jump-start

Professionals delivering technology without any lock-ins. We use both cloud and on-premise and go beyond standard tools


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