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The financial sector is facing a variety of complex challenges from tighter regulations and unstoppable digitalization to increasing competition from start-ups and technology companies. At the same time, outdated IT systems and historically evolved processes are often slowing down rapid change instead of facilitating it. This is where Advanced Analytics and AI come in. Automation can help financial organizations to streamline reporting, improve efficiency, and reduce human error. What is more, it can help companies navigate the constantly changing regulatory environment and offset increasing costs.

Next to that, AI-powered monitoring helps to battle against risks and frauds and assists with intelligent decision making on all organizational levels. Artificial intelligence helps you analyze mounds of data, process client profile verification, and enhance your due diligence processes. Use cases such as assessing risks, detecting and preventing payments fraud, improving processes for anti-money laundering (AML) and performing know-your-customer (KYC) regulatory checks are just a small selection of the potential applications. With our many years of experience with Analytics and AI, we can help you master these challenges and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Our expertise within the Banking & Finance Industry


The regulatory environment has been constantly expanding, with an increase in regulatory changes of more than 500% in the last decade. RegTech helps to meet these challenges efficiently by helping you reduce compliance risk with real-time analysis and monitoring. Our solution can help you with compliance, risk management, regulatory reporting and transaction monitoring. We can bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Enable automated regulatory reporting
  • Detect compliance and regulatory risks
  • Facilitate KYC procedures


ESG practices impact financial performance and profits as well as the long-term value of financial organizations. We use AI and ML to automate data research and analysis which allows us to identify, extract, and quantify ESG information quickly and efficiently. This allows investors and other stakeholders to quickly and accurately identify company trends and metrics to make informed decisions. Understanding your ESG impact brings benefits such as:

  • Enabling a transparent environment with stakeholders and investors
  • Facilitating direct decisions and adjustment with real-time monitoring
  • Lowering the complexity of external and internal information analysis by means of AI technology

Fraud Detection

Fraudulent attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially in the times of Covid. These attempts include amongst others money laundering, identity theft, cyberattacks and fraudulent transactions. With the help of AI and ML companies can detect threats and suspicious behavior in real-time. Our solution can help you improve your methods of solving these challenges and bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Reduce payment fraud and improve transaction integrity
  • Eliminate bonus abuse & stop account takeovers
  • Prevent sophisticated internal and external fraudulent activities

Credit Scoring

Whether it’s a loan or a pay-later option in a webshop, all parties involved want to be sure the other party is able to fulfil its obligations. A measure used to determine the ability to pay, is credit score. Offering a pay-later possibility comes with the risk of not getting the money. A credit score can help to determine of such an option is offered based on available data of the customer. Using a credit score in your process has proven to reduce risks and decrease write-offs.


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