Utilizing customer data to provide insight and intelligence.

Empowering companies to become more data-driven

The volume of data within companies is increasing. Our Customer Insights solutions utilize A.I. and Machine Learning techniques and models to bring data from various sources and provide insight and intelligence. Information can be extracted and made available at the right time and in the correct format, using the right channels and serving multiple departments. This enables organizations to predict sales, find new business opportunities, improve their sales & marketing efforts, increase customer satisfaction and more.

Customer Insights Solutions

With our solutions, we can help you unlock your customer data and leverage it to provide valuable insight and intelligence.

Recommendation Engine

This solution allows you to deliver relevant and personalized content to your website visitors. Recommendation Engines (also known as personalisation technology) are essential for companies that strive for one-on-one contact with consumers. A good Recommendation Engine ensures that new visitors to a website or users of a different channel feel at home, linger longer and buy more.

Multi-channel Marketing

Large organizations usually operate in different regions and markets which are not homogeneous. This means different channels and marketing strategies are put into use in order to reach the target groups. On the customer side, people have a different customer journey, both in length and touchpoints. The Multi-channel application allows to collect and combine all of the different ‘traces’ that customers leave through different channels and give insight for better decision-making.

Sales Performance Forecasting

Using time-series analysis, we help large organizations with complex sales patterns to forecast short-term and long-term sales performance. Through a combination of classical time-series models and new technology (such as neural networks) we can estimate your organization’s future sales performance in a period of up to 6 months. Moreover, we use cross-validation algorithm to select the most accurate forecasting models.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is an exciting new field with many potential applications in our daily lives. The technology allows us to gain high-level understanding from images and videos. At Quint we’ve worked on various business cases, ranging from training neural networks to be able to classify tumors and fractures from radiology image analysis to predicting consumer’s response to different advertising commercials before they are even launched.

We empower clients by unlocking and activating their data to:

Predict seasonal demand

Personalize buying recommendations

Create a 360 customer overview

Increase customer satisfaction

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