DevOps Essentials – Critical Success Factors for DevOps

DevOps is still new for many organizations and for some just a buzzword. Those setting off on a DevOps journey realize that DevOps is not just a best practice, but an organizational philosophy and a professional movement. It advocates communication and a collaborative way of working between development and operations resulting in the fast flow of planned work while simultaneously increasing reliability, stability and resilience of the production environment.

The main issue organizations face is that DevOps requires a leap of faith into the unknown. But still, the issues of today are very real and put considerable pressure on the changes sought. Therefore, it takes strong ambition for existing IT leaders to actually take the steps on the road to this new way-of-working; an IT that truly can deliver on the expectations of customers. Luckily, there are many examples of how to overcome these hurdles and drive the necessary change.

At Quint, we have identified seven key success factors that are vital for success. In this video, we will highlight and discuss these factors in the interest of helping you achieve your goals.