Growing with concentrated digital competence: Quint Group, AWK Group and Ginkgo are joining forces

Quint, AWK and Ginkgo are merging three leading consulting firms with immediate effect.

Amsterdam / Hamburg / Zurich, June 18, 2021- Quint Group is an award-winning, independent management & IT consulting firm specializing in complex digital transformation projects, and the AWK Group is one of the largest independent Swiss consulting firms in this area. Together with Ginkgo Management Consulting in Germany who joined early 2021, these companies are now forming a high-performance international consulting group for digital transformation with a turnover of over 175 million euros. The customers of these companies benefit from the experience of over 800 highly qualified employees, as well as an international presence at locations in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg and Asia.

Quint, AWK and Ginkgo are focused on developing digital business models and implementing them from a single source. Quint’s customers already include AEX, IBEX, large government organizations and medium-sized companies. With their services for digital transformation, from data analytics to cyber security to IT advisory, as well as the management of large transformation projects, these three companies cover all the relevant competencies to make complex digitization projects a success.

“For Quint, AWK and Ginkgo are the best partners to drive the development of our markets and portfolio faster” says Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint. “As a result of the merger, we have an even larger pool of consultants and specialists. We are also gaining competencies in smart government, automotive and ​​pharma & medtech and strengthening our service portfolio, for example in the area of ​​cyber security & privacy. ”

Oliver Vaterlaus, CEO of the AWK Group, adds: “Our internationally oriented customers are increasingly asking the AWK Group for on-site consulting expertise outside of Switzerland. With the merger, we are taking the next step in our Strategy 2025, in which we are initially internationalizing in the direction of Western Europe and at the same time establishing a presence in Asia. ”

The merger is supported by Deutsche Private Equity (DPE) from Munich, which enables the joint growth strategy of both companies to be sustainable and powerful.

About AWK Group

AWK Group is an international, independent management and technology consultancy with offices in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne and Luxembourg. With over 400 employees, AWK supports the digital transformation of organizations from a wide range of industries from strategy to implementation and is familiar with the technologies of the future. Its services range from the development of digital business models to data analytics, cyber security and IT advisory to the management of complex transformation projects. For more information: www.awk.ch

About Ginkgo Management Consulting

Ginkgo Management Consulting GmbH is an independent strategy consultancy specializing in complex digitization projects. The consulting portfolio includes managing and implementing digital and other comprehensive transformation projects and traditional CIO consulting services. Ginkgo’s global clients include well-known Fortune 500, DAX, and medium-sized companies as well as hidden champions. Under the motto “Getting Digital Done,” they are jointly taking digital and data-driven companies to the next level. Ginkgo has branches in Hamburg, Zurich, Singapore, and Shanghai and has implemented projects in more than 30 countries. www.ginkgo.com

About Quint Group

Quint is an international consultancy and technology company. We support organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformation. To this end, we accelerate and embed transformations by connecting people, processes, technology and leadership to one another. Quint’s key focus areas are digital strategy, data activation, enterprise automation, lean-agile enterprise, sourcing advisory and IT governance, enterprise cloud and platform automation. For more information: www.quintgroup.com

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Jeroen Raijmakers
Head of Marketing, Quint Group