White Paper – Sustainable sourcing, sourcing with respect for future generations

Anyone who speaks about an increased awareness of sustainability has a personal story that illustrates why sustainability is important to them, or how their sustainability journey started. What all their stories have in common is that there has been a moment in time when they started to realize that the way we currently live our life – and our present use of available natural resources – is no longer sustainable. Something needs to change. A movie that illustrates this well is Charles Eisenstein’s short movie Sacred Economics. Charles explains how our current economic system works, what the power of money is, and demonstrates the devastating effects on our planet and us (humanity). He urges us to make a change because we are seeing a growing number of crises in the world that are threatening our existence. We need a different way of organizing our economic system, our companies and our personal lives: a more sustainable way of living.

This paper discusses the paradigm that personally urges us to change. We combine our thoughts about the world as we see it with our personal journey to increase the impact on people and planet of the way we do business, specifically in the field of sourcing.

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