White Paper – Hybrid cloud, the foundation for digital transformation

As the market becomes increasingly digitized, organizations are confronted by the need to fully embrace the process of digital transformation. Digital transformation involves people, processes and technologies. Organizations that intend to operate as digital natives share certain characteristics: they are flexible and capable of adjusting to changing demands; they are agile and capable of quickly adapting/expanding their services; they are accessible from anywhere in the world, through any medium and they offer continuity and stability. Effective use of technologies such as the public cloud can provide organizations with a strong foundation for structured digital transformation.

Although the cloud offers many benefits, it also raises some complications. Specifically with respect to the public cloud, concerns exist regarding security/compliance, compatibility and integration with current IT landscapes, how to balance costs and benefits, and avoid lock-in (such as for example, becoming dependent on a single SaaS provider).

This white paper provides insights and guidance to design a working hybrid cloud strategy that helps organizations to choose the optimal cloud mix and achieve the maximum benefits at acceptable risks and costs.

Value Drivers for Hybrid Cloud

Figuur 1: Value Drivers for Hybrid Cloud

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