White Paper – The pros and cons of robotics and its implementation

Robotics has been around for a long time already. Within production areas like car manufacturing we are familiar with the metal robots that weld and solder cars. We also know that this phenomenon has resulted in significantly higher quality and a considerable loss of jobs in factories. Currently, instead of manufacturing processes, it is the areas of business/administrative and IT processes in which a new generation of robots is being deployed. This generation is known as Rapid Process Automation (RPA), Robotic Process Automation or simply ‘robotics’.

Organizations these days are overflowing with stories about robotics: how robots will take over our jobs, how they will change society or how it will all just blow over in time. To understand the impact of robotics properly, it is essential to know what robotics is and how it may or may not affect your organization or personal life in the near or more distant future.

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