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ServiceNow PartnerThe ServiceNow platform accelerates the digitalization of business and IT processes. Replace the unstructured work patterns of the past with the intelligent workflows of the future. Improve your service levels, energize your employees and change the way your enterprise works.


Impulse4 ServiceNow

Impulse4 is our accelerator for your ServiceNow implementation. It is based on best practices we have developed over the course of many years. ServiceNow is a platform containing applications that can be used for service automation. Impulse4, consisting of workflows, automates and connects these applications. This means the integration between your business – and other – processes is ensured.

“Our ServiceNow implementation was accelerated thanks to Impulse4. Now we are expanding on the platform at our own pace.”

Service Management & ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leader in tooling solutions for structuring processes related to service management. Thanks to its user-friendly service portal, users can be surprised in a positive way by the service. The set-up of ServiceNow makes it possible to implement processes efficiently by making full use of the opportunities to automate them. With our Impulse4 Service Management best practices we are able to deliver a fast and successful implementation.

Service Integration (SIAM) & ServiceNow

Organizations are working increasingly more often with different partners that deliver services. The challenge is to integrate these services and to exercise and maintain control over them. ServiceNow is the only platform that offers you the possibility to actually be in control of service provision. With our Impulse4 Service Integration and Management best practices we are able to deliver a fast and successful SIAM implementation.

DevOps & ServiceNow

Development and Operations are becoming more and more integrated into the working method of IT organizations. The challenge is to provide support – in the form of the right tooling solutions – for these integrations, too. ServiceNow offers you the possibility to be in control of the entire IT production chain. There is a wide range of plug-ins for the different tools that are used by developers.

Governance, Risk and Control & ServiceNow

It is essential to be in control of the services that are delivered. The challenge is to have a set-up that works efficiently and effectively. ServiceNow offers you the possibility of automating a large portion of the activities and, for example, collect evidence easily. With our Impulse4 GRC best practices we are able to deliver a fast and successful implementation.

Agile Transformation & ServiceNow

Transforming to agile ways of working is essential if an organization is to respond flexibly to changes. This requires both a new working method and the right tools to support it. ServiceNow offers the functionalities you need to successfully implement agile working.

Digital Transformation & ServiceNow

ServiceNow supports the further digitalization of business processes. The platform offers a wide array of functionalities. Moreover, on the ServiceNow platform, it is easy to develop apps for digitalizing business processes. Gartner has named ServiceNow as a leader in IT Service Support Management Tools four times.

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We provide our clients with implementation and support services. Our team of energetic professionals have a high level of in-depth, expert knowledge. They apply relevant market innovations and are able to integrate new technologies flawlessly, time and again.









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Quint helps organizations to change by connecting people, processes and technology. Are you looking for specific references? If so, feel free to contact us.

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