RESILIA™ Foundation

The RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practice is designed to help commercial and government organizations around the world prevent, detect and correct any impact cyber-attacks will have on the information required to do business. The RESILIA Foundation training course starts with the purpose, key terms, the distinction between resilience and security, and the benefits of implementing cyber resilience. It introduces risk management and the key activities needed to address risks and opportunities. Further, it explains the relevance of common management standards and best practice frameworks to achieve cyber resilience. Subsequently, it identifies the cyber resilience processes, the associated control objectives, interactions and activities that should be aligned with corresponding ITSM activities. In the final part of the course, it describes the segregation of duties and dual controls related to cyber resilience roles and responsibilities.

Why this RESILIA Foundation training?

Participants are exposed to the basics that make up the foundation of cyber resilience controls and procedures. The RESILIA Foundation training course will enable participants to understand what can be managed and operated effectively in a challenging cyber centric environment. The course takes into consideration the limitations of traditional security controls to combat today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks. This proactive approach to design and use new and effective controls along with industry compliance standards would assist in making decisions to prevent, detect, correct, and recover from today’s evolving cyber-threats.

What you will learn

  • design and deliver cyber resilient strategies and services across your organization in line with your business needs
  • integrate cyber resilience into your existing systems and processes
  • establish a common language for cyber resilience across your organization
  • minimize the damage from a security breach and enable speedy response and recovery

Who should attend?

The RESILIA Foundation course audience includes all teams across the IT and Risk functions.

RESILIA Foundation certification

Upon successful completion of the training and examination, students will receive the RESILIA foundation certification.

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