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The RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practice is designed to help commercial and government organizations around the world prevent, detect and correct any impact cyber-attacks will have on the information required to do business.  This RESILIA Practitioner training equips individuals with the practical skills needed to achieve the best balance of risk, cost, operational benefits and flexibility within their organization. The purpose of the RESILIA Practitioner certification is to understand what effective cyber resilience looks like and what the risks and issues that can easily affect cyber resilience. Candidates will understand how to get the best balance of risk, cost, benefits and flexibility within an organization.

Why this RESILIA Practitioner training?

In this RESILIA Practitioner course, participants are exposed to exercises where they can practice their foundation level knowledge and concepts of cyber resilience controls and procedures. The exercises will enable participants to understand how to manage and operate effectively in a challenging cyber centric environment. The course takes into consideration the limitations of traditional security controls to combat today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks. This proactive approach to design and use new and effective controls along with industry compliance standards would assist in making decisions to prevent, detect, correct, and recover from today’s evolving cyber-threats.

Who should attend?

The RESILIA Practitioner certification is aimed at professionals with responsibility for IT and security functions or risk and compliance operations within an organization. Other core business areas including HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing, will also benefit from having cyber resilience expertise within their teams.

What you will learn

The RESILIA Practitioner certification teaches the practical skills needed to apply effective and beneficial cyber resilience, building on the understanding and demonstration of cyber resilience provided by the RESILIA Foundation qualification.


RESILIA™ Foundation Certification.

RESILIA Practitioner certification

Upon successful completion of the training and examination, students will receive the RESILIA Practitioner certification.

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