Big Data Management and Data Science

Applying data science to deliver actionable intelligence to the right people, at the right time


Big Data Management and Data Science

Embedding data science and predictive analytics in your daily operations makes your enterprise more agile. Gathering, enhancing, analyzing, and understanding data has become fundamental to remaining competitive and maintaining business growth. In our view, the most effective way to start a data-driven transformation is with a Proof of Concept, using existing data. Evaluating these results with all stakeholders provides you with valuable insight into the real potential of your data, and points you in the right direction. Quint helps you to prepare your organization for a data-driven future, and assists you in creating new roles and governance processes. We guide you in implementing a data-centric culture, adopting new technologies such as machine learning and text mining, and empowering your staff with the necessary talent and skills.


Value Your Data Workshop

This Big Data workshop provides fascinating insight into the possibilities of different data solutions, and addresses the data issues that are hot topics in your organization. At the end of the workshop, you will understand the potential of your data and know where and how to begin your journey to becoming a data-driven enterprise.

Data Strategy & Roadmap Design

A well-designed data strategy and roadmap provide a solid foundation for bringing executives, technology professionals, data scientists and managers into line with one another so that your organization’s data can be used to give you a real competitive edge. Our Data Strategy & Roadmap Design services provide you with fast-moving insights into the true potential of your data.

Big Data Proof of Concept

Getting started with big data does not need to be an overwhelming process. The most effective way to start your data-driven transformation is to initiate a Proof of Concept (PoC) using your current data. The PoC helps you understand where to start, which departments to involve, what functional areas to include, and what the return will be on the investment required.

Innovation through Data Science

Industry leaders are changing the way they do business by using data intelligence to drive disruption. By using data science, we help you implement an agile approach to innovation and create a data-driven culture to empower digital innovation that outperforms the competition.

Data Analytics Solutions

Obtaining information from a multitude of sources is no trivial matter. The sheer amount of available data can make it impossible for human beings to review and analyze it all. With modern technologies such as text mining and machine learning you can collect, enhance, and visualize your data to realize results in weeks – or in many cases – just days.

Data Governance & Data Management

Big data projects are cross-functional endeavors for an organization. Decisions need to be orchestrated and processes need to be activated to ensure that data assets are properly managed and controlled. We build architectures and draw up policies, practices and procedures to ensure your data lifecycle is managed properly.

Data Science Staffing

Enterprises are establishing data science teams to exploit the value that data brings with it. Business and IT leaders need to understand that the complexity of data science projects requires a whole set of different skills and competencies that need to be sourced. Quint’s IT staffing model meets any time-sensitive staffing needs you may have.

Data Science Training

Become an expert in various data analytics techniques using data exploration, data visualization and predictive analytics. Our training course provides you with the skills needed to use big data as a strategic asset and create value. This innovative course is for professionals who are looking for a clear and future-proof data strategy for their company.


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