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Transforming organizations by using the technologies of the digital era


Digital Strategy & Transformation

Your customers demand a quick and seamless digital experience, and they want it now. To meet this demand, it is not enough to digitalize your existing products and services by just adding more technology. To make your digital transformation successful, you need to get to know your current and future customers, empower the digital talent in your organization and connect with new partners. By combining these factors with experimentation involving technology and data you will be able to develop completely new business models and change your existing ones. Our Digital Strategy and Transformation services are not about producing slideware, but instead focus on inspiring people to take the wheel in their digital transformation.


Digital Strategy Design

We are seeing new business models emerging in every single industry. Using our Digital Strategy approach, we can identify which new business models will be relevant for you. Because digital transformation is also about agility and speed, we do this in just a single day. In collaboration with you, we help you define a strategic roadmap that provides a holistic view of your current state, the opportunities for you on the horizon, and how to get there.

Digital Readiness Barometer

The continuous push of new technologies, data information and social networks is what is driving digital transformation. But what capabilities are required to start your transformation? Our Digital Readiness Barometer provides you with insight into your Digital Transformation Readiness compared to your peers. The outcome will allow you to pinpoint quick improvements and opportunities to be capitalized on.

Design Thinking for Innovation

In only 12 weeks, you can go from 40 ideas to an actual working prototype! That is true digital acceleration. We use Design Thinking methodologies to solve complex problems and find solutions. Our Design Thinking workshop guides you through each step of the design process to inspire new innovations.

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Digital Transformation Training

Digital transformation stands and falls by your people. We help your staff acquire the capabilities and skills required to execute a transformation successfully. We train and coach them in topics such as Design Thinking, Innovation Management, Ideation Processes, Prototyping, Co-creation, Business Agility and Bimodal Management. Quint ignites the digital talent of your organization.


Digital Training and Certification

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

The Digital Transformation Fundamentals training course is the starting point for anyone involved in Digital Transformation. This course is designed to provide the core principles necessary to ignite…

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Big Data Foundation eLearning

​This Big Data Foundation Premium eLearning is the most complete guide for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Big Data and…

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Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Bring your organization's products and services to market faster with Cloud Computing. The Cloud Computing qualification has drawn together the best sources of material to explain how to understand…

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Cloud Application Architecture

This Cloud Application Architecture training helps to understand how to achieve cloud application scalability and dynamic application sizing. What tools and techniques are available for application…

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White Papers, Events & Videos

White Paper

White Paper – Digital transformation and how to realize it

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Success with Innovation for KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)

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Digital Accelerator Program

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Video about Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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White Paper

White Paper – Why and how to use API’s to become a truly digital business

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White Paper

White Paper – Agile data management in 3 steps

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