A unique, holistic, scientific approach to drive technology performance improvement

The Science Behind Building High Performing Teams

A data-driven approach to DevOps performance

The DevOps Readiness Assessment creates a scientific and holistic view by benchmarking an enterprise’s current situation based on huge amounts of peer data, and identifies priorities for capability improvement. The outcome of the assessment is the starting point for Quint’s DevOps experts to work together with the end-user organization on setting the priorities for DevOps performance improvement, implementing new models of leadership and governance, and building high performing teams in order to improve the delivery of value to IT customers.

DevOps Research Assessment (DORA)

Quint is teaming up with DevOps Research Assessment (DORA) to help enterprises in their DevOps journey. DORA was founded by Jez Humble, Gene Kim, and Dr. Nicole Forsgren. Its mission is to help technology organizations improve the productivity of software development and delivery through scientific research. DORA has conducted research for over four years and its database contains more than 20,000 data points.

High performing teams make you competitive

Companies with high performing teams are twice as likely to succeed in terms of:

  • profitability, productivity and market share
  • effectiveness and efficiency
  • customer satisfaction ratings
  • achieving mission goals

Research shows that IT performance – the ability to develop and deliver quality software quickly and reliably – drives the transformation from a Low to High Performing Organization.

Transformation initiatives often fail

Teams struggle during transformation processes because they:

  • get caught up in implementation details
  • waste time and money doing the wrong, non-impactful work
  • get trapped in debates to define “progress”
  • lack objective views (without politics or opinions)
  • fail to prioritize and limit the number of initiatives
  • lack insight into what success means for their own setting
  • fail to link progress back to business initiatives

Focus on IT Performance

Maturity models fail because they are static, one-size-fits-all views. Impact performance with a metrics-driven continuous improvement cycle customized for your organization. Use the DevOps Research Assessment to:

  • assess key outcomes that drive DevOps performance gains and benchmark current capabilities as a baseline
  • identify priorities that have the most impact on capability improvement
  • measure progress to identify wins

DORA DevOps Assessment

High-level measurements determine your software delivery performance and its sustainability across teams.

  • We help you measure and track your most important key outcomes
  • Benchmarking by industry vertical and/or company-wide
  • Determine individual team performance for different capabilities
  • Identify outcomes to be maximized
  • Identify outcomes to be minimized (e.g. burnouts)

Your current DevOps capabilities

Capabilities are levers that drive improvement: as these grow, so does your ability to deliver software quickly and reliably.

  • We show you which capabilities you currently have: where you shine and where you need help
  • Benchmarking by industry vertical and/or company-wide
  • Team performance is measured for each outcome
  • Develop capabilities to deliver desired outcomes

Identify your priorities

Customized analysis identifies your constraints or the bottlenecks keeping you from achieving high performance.

  • We show you on which capabilities to focus first
  • Leaders can plan allocations so that investments have the highest impact
  • Identify capabilities with the lowest strength that also have the highest impact on software delivery performance

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