Service Integration And Management (SIAM)

Control and deliver outsourced services that meet the requirements of the business


Service Integration And Management (SIAM)

The governance of outsourcing is a topic that is a high priority on the agendas of IT leaders. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) goes beyond demand-supply governance. SIAM takes responsibility for the end-to-end provision of services to the business, based on KPIs. It involves the integration of all internal and external (outsourced) services – including Cloud – into the IT value chain. Quint connects new, iterative Agile/DevOps organizations to SIAM services provisioning.


SIAM Workshop

When looking to deploy Service Integration and Management, the best way to start is to make an assessment of maturity in five key areas: governance, business requirements, process maturity, roles and skills, and tools requirements. We help you identify your opportunities and must-haves to create a comprehensive roadmap for your SIAM journey.

Designing and Implementing SIAM

Partial outsourcing of SIAM is a feasible approach but, to enable sufficient services provisioning, you need to retain several key functions of SIAM in-house. The only way to exercise control over your IT service providers is build a bridge between the business (demand) and your IT service providers (supply), rationalize legacy environments and move to agile (private and/or public) cloud-based services.

Selecting a SIAM Technology Platform

Service Integration and Management by definition includes the use of technology platforms to integrate each supplier and service tower under one service desk, with a single point of contact and support model. The service desk orchestrates and monitors multi-vendor, end-to-end business services. We know how to create a maintainable technology stack that automates key tasks and enhances the efficiency of the SIAM function.

Staffing Your SIAM Activities

Technology alone does not give you a competitive advantage. Differentiation depends on how technology is applied – namely who applies it and how effective they are. Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component of success: your people. Quint has over fifteen years of experience in designing Service Integration and Management functions and demand-supply governance functions, and our experts can do this for you.


SIAM Training and Certification

Service Integration and Management Foundation

The governance of outsourcing is a high-priority agenda item for organizations. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) involves integrating the sub-services of all kinds of internally outsourced…

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