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Stedin’s transformation into a data-driven enterprise


Stedin asked Quint Wellington Redwood to perform an assessment aimed at determining the level of maturity of data management within the company and provide a roadmap for the transformation to a truly data-driven enterprise.

“Being a data-driven business needs other processes, new demands on IT, and requires other competencies from the people who work here.”




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About Stedin

Stedin is an independent metering company in the energy sector. With modern metering technologies and smart applications, Stedin gives businesses insight, manageability and a variety of ways to make energy savings.

Key Challenge

In accordance with its mission statement, Stedin has the ambition to become a data-driven organization. The initial applications of data analyses are primarily aimed at improvements in internal processes. Workflow analyses, marketing, data validation, portfolio analyses and organizing the billing process have already led to many improvements and considerable savings. The next steps encompass developing products and services based on data. Stedin’s business information-management team asked Quint Wellington Redwood to perform an assessment aimed at determining the level of maturity of data management within the company. This study would provide input for the further development of business services based on data. This study marks the starting point of Stedin’s transformation into a new, data-driven enterprise.

The Approach

Quint Wellington Redwood was contracted to carry out a data assessment to investigated the maturity of data management in the organization. This was important because a high level of data management maturity is needed in order to execute the intended strategy, and to make Stedin a data-driven organization. Based on the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK), Quint observed that for most DMBOK modules, Stedin scored a low maturity level. One of the things that this tells us is that the vision on data has been insufficiently expounded in the form of a business case which can help the organization as a whole to adopt a data-driven approach, and that data management is therefore in its infancy. In terms of compliance, security and privacy, in contrast, the business performs particularly well.

The Results

Based on DMBOK, Quint provided a roadmap for data management for newly introduced services and products. Understanding the current data maturity together with the roadmap puts the transformation process that will turn Stedin into a data-driven enterprise is in full swing.  “Big steps have been taken on the path towards a more data-driven organization, and the structure is improving. Quint’s assessment provides a good foundation and guide.” says the head of Business Information Management. “There is plenty of data, but a data-driven business needs other processes, makes new demands on IT, and requires other competencies and know-how from the people who work there. In brief, it requires a change in culture, a new mindset across all parts of the business”.


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