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Development of a Digital Strategy roadmap to accelerate the fight against cancer


The mission of Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is to beat cancer. DCS asked Quint to help transforming the organization to become more agile and knowledge driven, in order to accelerate the fight against cancer.

“Less cancer, more cure, and a better quality of life for cancer patients”




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million donors

About The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS)

Beating cancer as soon as possible. The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is a nation-wide organization for cancer related work in the Netherlands. The Dutch Cancer Society(DCS) is determined to beat cancer as soon as possible. That’s why they fund and guide scientific research, influence policy, and share knowledge about cancer and its treatment. They encourage stakeholders and the public to do everything possible to help bring about the day when no-one else has to die of cancer.

The Challenge

  • To re-invent themselves based on the disruptive changes and digital transformation which take place. What is KWF’s unique selling point? In what way do they add value for their stakeholders?
  • To create momentum and awareness within the organization for the digital transformation.
  • To create a flexible digital transformation roadmap.
  • To effectively use the amount of data and technology to contribute to the mission.

The Approach

The approach consisted of a fact based survey to define the baseline for the change necessary to adapt to the digital transformation. Focus on:

  • Change readiness of the organization
  • Organizational baseline
  • Datagovernance
  • Information management

Next to the survey 2 strategy workshops with the Management team were organized to validate the outcomes of the survey and to create a roadmap for change.

The Results

60% survey response: enough to validate the outcomes. In order to transform DCS in a knowledge-driven organization that is flexible enough to respond to the changing environment; change is needed on 2 sides. On the one hand, DCS needs to accelerate the speed of innovation: looking outside to new technologies and how they can be used to reach the day when no-one else has to die of cancer sooner. On the other hand, the information management baseline within DCS needs to be clear. When everybody knows where what information can be found, data can be used to its full potential and DCS will become a knowledge driven organization.


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