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IT Service Management at Blessing Health System


To grow the ITSM maturity of the organization through an assessment that would determine a strategy and roadmap that would allow the organization to improve in all ITSM areas and attain an achievable future target state of maturity.

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About Blessing Health Systems

Since 1875, Blessing Hospital based in Quincy, Illinois, has provided area residents with the highest quality medical care possible. Blessing continues to respond to the changing health care needs of the community by upgrading their technology and facilities regularly to provide economical, high quality medical care.  Now operating as one hospital from two campuses, Blessing Hospital has become the largest and most sophisticated center of its kind in a 100-mile radius, with over 13,400 inpatients and 245,000 outpatients annually. The entire organization and its subsidiaries are supported by Blessing Information Services, who are the information technology arm for the entire organization.

Key Challenge

Within the IT organization, IT Service Management processes had been partially implemented, and there were tools already being used to support these processes.  Blessing continued to face challenges and therefore turned to look for ways to further develop and improve their IT Service Management practices. A specifically weak area was the management of operational changes to the infrastructure, where the lack of an established, consistent change management process had led to difficulties in prioritizing and planning IT changes across the organization and compliancy issues audits, due to lack of change traceability.  It was expected that the implementation of Change Management would improve stability, sustainability and compliance of the IT Service delivery, and allows more time to focus on strategic developments that support the organization’s vision and mission.

The Approach

Quint started the project by performing a detailed and thorough assessment of Blessing’s current state. The results provided the organization with a clear picture of what their current state was, how the IT Service Management strategy should look like and a roadmap to serve as a strategic direction. After the assessment, Quint recommended that Change Management be split into two different processes: Application Change Management and Operational Change Management. Once the process was designed and accepted as part of the transition stage, the Service Management tool was configured and tested to ensure support of this new process. Quint conducted different training workshops to ensure knowledge transfer to all process practitioners within IT. Quint also provided support and advice for the tool configuration to ensure alignment between the tool and the new Operational Change Management process. Automation would reduce workload and increase visibility.

The Results

Quint successfully institutionalized an organization- wide IT Operational Change policy and an improved communication and coordination of operational changes. All operational changes are now being recorded, classified, prioritized, assessed, approved, and evaluated in a consistent and organized manner. This also enforced traceability and accountability for every operational change. Overall, the project not only successfully implemented the Operational Change Management process, but continues to contribute in relationship building within the teams in IT.


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