Cloud data platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences

To store, process, and gather insights from your data, you may already be using a cloud data platform or you’ve considered moving in that direction. Perhaps your organization is currently working on use cases to show how data can improve the way you operate.

Quint has extensive experience in implementing and optimizing data platforms in the cloud, helping you lower costs and improve performance.

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For most organizations, optimizing your cloud data platform is a 3-stage process:

1. Your organization is considering moving to a cloud data platform

Are you researching how your organization can transition to a cloud data platform? Are you dealing with unstructured data, high data volumes, and real-time data that you want to process? We help you understand the pros, cons, costs and benefits of migrating to the cloud. And we offer you best practices for deploying Data Lakes and Data Warehouses and show you how to develop a PoCon a cloud data platform.

2. Optimizing your data platform in the cloud.

Are you already using a cloud-based data platform? If so, we can identify ways to improve your platform’s stability, scalability, security, and disaster recovery. We assess key characteristics, such as your platform’s setup, storage, computing power, network, and security. In addition to that, we can also assess your vendor and contract, and identify potential cost savings.

3. You create a data-driven use case in the cloud

Is your organization building applications that provide (real-time) feedback into your work processes? Are you analyzing sensor and IoT data, or working on a POC for patient monitoring, for example? Do you want to relieve pressure on your staff by deploying data-driven support? We can help you to set up a custom-built cloud data platform that meets all your requirements.

No matter which stage of the data platform optimization your organization is at, we have the expertise and experience to support you along the way. Would you like to learn more about our approach? Book a free, no-obligation appointment with our Data/AI Specialist, Rob van Zoest.



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