Webinar: New ISTQB Qualification Roadmap

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Date 6 May 2021 (3:00 pm - 4:00 pm)
Location Webinar
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This event is no longer available (date has already passed).

ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) was founded in November 2002 and is a not-for-profit association legally registered in Belgium.

ISTQB® has defined the “ISTQB® Certified Tester” scheme that has become the worldwide leader in the certification of competencies in software testing.

ISTQB® is an organization based on volunteer work by hundreds of international testing experts.

  • Number of exams administered: 1,030,000+
  • Number of certifications issued: 750,000+
  • Number of Member Boards: 66
  • Number of countries directly covered by Member Boards: 129


  • ISTQB® certification scheme has defined three Levels:
    • Foundation
    • Advanced
    • Expert
  • The ISTQB®certification scheme is split into streams
    • Core: The core stream includes the testing fundamentals at every level
    • Agile: This specific area is aimed at people interested in the Agile world (as the world is getting more and more agile)
    • Specialist: This area of knowledge is aimed at those who want to deep dive into specific testing topics

Syllabi are publicly available for download from the ISTQB®website. They are written by testing experts and continuously reviewed and improved.


Dr. Nitin Bhawsar (Senior Consultant)

Time & Date

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (IST), 06 May 2021