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Invitation to join: market research - Business Analytics & the High Performance Organization

Across the globe, organizations are striving to achieve sustained success. Over time, these high performance organizations (HPOs) perform much better than their industry peers. Their disciplined focus on key priorities is rewarded with excellent and sustainable financial and non-financial results. Within an HPO, continuously improving processes, systems and behavior is a joint effort. HPOs hold onto what works best for them and make changes daily to strengthen their core competencies.

Sensing and Responding

A high performance organization is characterized by, among other things, its capacity to sense opportunities in its sphere of activity and to respond, for example by making data available on the work floor. This helps staff apply the power of sensing and responding in an increasingly dynamic environment. However, within many organizations, the use of data is taken no further than the strategic level.

Market research Business Analytics in the Workplace

This Quint survey addresses the question of if – and if so how – data (business analytics) is made available in the workplace to raise the level of sensing and responding at every layer of an organization. By completing this survey, you will provide information that can be used to design approaches to the organizational issues faced by data-driven organizations.

What is your experience?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to answer the questions. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you the results of the survey which will provide you with insight into the priority your colleagues give to this subject.