SIAM & ESM technology specialist 4me adds Quint to its partner network

4me is delighted to welcome Quint Technology into the 4me Partner Network. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quint Technology is part of Quint Group. Quint Technology offers implementation and support services for enterprise automation that enables organizations to support their digital transformation.

Robin Marchand (Managing Director, Quint Technology) “We are seeing a growing need among medium-sized enterprises to collaborate with suppliers from a value chain approach, using a platform that orchestrates service integration. Based on this development, this partnership offers our clients a platform which designs, organizes and manages the necessary integration of services between internal and external suppliers.”

Cor Winkler Prins (CEO, 4me): “Everyone here is delighted to have a well-known technology and consulting firm like Quint partnering with 4me. Quint has a proven track record when it comes to supporting enterprises with their digital transformation. 4me, with its unique collaboration features, was designed from the ground up to improve service integration between customers and providers. At 4me, we know that organizations can significantly improve their digital transformation capabilities when they are able to onboard new providers more quickly and work together more seamlessly.”

About 4me

Founded in 2010, 4me, Inc. is the provider of 4me, a SaaS service management solution that allows large enterprises to collaborate seamlessly with their managed service providers, while gaining real-time insight into the level of service they receive. For more information visit www.4me.com.

About Quint

Quint is an international consultancy, training and technology company. We support organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformation. To this end, we accelerate and embed transformations by connecting people, processes, technology and leadership to one another. Quint’s key focus areas are Digital Strategy, Data & AI, Customer Service Management, Lean-Agile Enterprise, Enterprise DevOps, Enterprise Cloud, Sourcing Advisory and IT Governance. For more information on this partnership, please see https://www.quintgroup.com/en/technology/4me/