White Paper – Five best practices to make Obeya the brain of your Agile Enterprise

The strategic Obeya, Japanese for “big” or “great” room, is often described as the brain of Lean / Agile organisations. This is because an Obeya aggregates all strategically relevant data and developments in one place, which enables management teams to learn and take action together. For this purpose, an Obeya generally reflects a clear, concise and up-to-date visual of an organisation’s plan – do – check – act cycle. Typically, management teams make use of an Obeya on a (bi-) weekly basis to discuss organisational performance, identify opportunities and resolve possible impediments. However, it is important to note that teams of all levels and departments are encouraged to regularly have Obeya meetings to understand the big picture and relate departmental initiatives to organisation strategy.

Drawing from best practices implemented across industries, this paper aims to communicate five valuable insights that will help elevate your Obeya into the strategic instrument that accelerates your business.

Agile, DevOps, IT Service Management, Lean IT
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