Public transport in the digital age: InnoTrans 2022 and our perspective

Last month Berlin hosted InnoTrans 2022, the world’s largest public transport trade fair. We, as Eraneos Group, had the pleasure to meet interesting people at our booth and discuss their (as well as our) contribution to future public transport developments.

Public transport is an increasingly important part of European mobility in the coming decade, as several keynote speakers pointed out. Most of the improvements to be made will largely come from digital innovations.

At InnoTrans, hundreds of innovation projects were presented that aim to optimize elements of the mobility value chain. Some innovations comprised specific digital solutions while others offered technical (hardware) solutions, often combined with specific software products.

Each of these solutions may look as a great opportunity to improve public transportation but they also create a wide range of new challenges. How to structure and organize all innovations through the organization? What needs to be done first and what next? How do they relate to other running initiatives and how do they fit into the ecosystem? And lastly, how to optimize adoption of new initiatives, both for customers and for the internal organization?

At Eraneos (powered by Quint, Ginkgo and AWK) we tackle these challenges to unleash the potential of the digital age, ranging from strategy to implementation. Our goal is to help organizations transform from a product-driven model to a customer-driven one that is seamless and customer-focused.

We are looking forward to sharing our insights and best practices. We look forward to challenging you and ourselves to accelerate your digital goals.

Feel free to reach out to us and discuss the future gamechangers.

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