Quint listed top 10 Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work®

28 March 2018 – Great Place to Work® has named Quint Wellington Redwood as a top employer. Quint is now entitled to call itself a “Best Workplace”. Every year, Great Place to Work® performs research to determine which organizations score the highest as employers and can be named on the institute’s Best Workplaces lists. The 2018 lists were published last Tuesday.

Great Place to Work® surveys the degree of trust, pride and job enjoyment within companies. The lists of Best Workplaces are compiled based on the answers to an extensive survey of all employees and an evaluation of HR policy. Only companies that achieve the minimum required score for all components are entitled to call themselves a “Best Workplace”. Each year, some 6,000 organizations based all over the world take part in the surveys which represent approximately 12 million employees. This makes the Great Place to Work® study the largest of its kind.

Youandi Hoogerbrugge, HR Manager at Quint: “Dare to Challenge, that is what we stand for at Quint. We challenge each other and our clients with the aim of doing things that little bit better every day, day after day. We focus on relationships between people and teams, and having a positive, healthy and safe work environment. This enables us to support and inspire one another, utilize every individual’s unique talents and constantly enjoy our work. Over the past years, trust, pride and enjoyment have become more firmly embedded than ever at Quint. The result of this is confirmed by the title Best Workplace – something we are all tremendously proud of.”

Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint: “For me, inclusion on the Best Workplaces list is confirmation that Quint is one of the best and most enjoyable organizations to work for and collaborate with. I believe it’s important that both Quinters (as we call our staff) and our clients feel at home with Quint. You can see this in how we deal with each other, how we collaborate and how we relax together during and outside working hours. We want to be the best but we do so without losing sight of the human dimension and, most importantly, we do so with a great deal of enjoyment.”

René Brouwers, Managing Director of Great Place to Work®: “The organizations on the Best Workplaces lists have created work environments where the primary focus is on trust, pride and enjoyment. They also serve as an example to others. Due to the strict criteria that must be met, not every organization can be listed. Listing is a result you can be proud of!”

About Quint

Quint focuses on two major changes that are taking place in the world today: digital transformation and the ever-increasing need for sustainability. In our vision, technology is not the only decisive factor. It is also especially important to have in place the knowledge, leadership and an organizational culture that enable relevant technology to be recognized and converted into value for our clients and their environment. Quint supports companies with the design and operationalization of their digital strategy. Together, we develop a strategy that enables our clients to adapt quickly and effectively in anticipation of – or in response to – opportunities or threats. We bring technology – and especially its application – to life. For more information about Quint visit www.quintgroup.com.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place To WorkFor over thirty years, Great Place to Work® has been helping organizations all over the world to become and remain great places to work. To this end, Great Place to Work® provides support in developing an organizational culture where the main focus is on trust, pride and enjoyment. GPTW works globally with the same research method that was developed by the journalists Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz in the early eighties. At that time, the two were asked to write a book called The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. After visiting many companies, Levering drew up several criteria for what makes a great workplace. High-quality relationships between employees and managers lay at the heart of his criteria. The more trust there is within an organization, the more enjoyable working there is for staff and managers, according to Levering.