White Paper – Transforming into an Agile Enterprise

For organizations that want to participate in a market where the speed of decision-making and time to market are of the essence, being ‘slightly agile’ isn’t enough. An organization that focuses solely on teams will at best achieve sub-optimization and not the required time to market and innovative capacity. More needs to happen. Decision-making power, coordination and prioritizing activities need to be embedded in the value streams. After all, the speed of decision-making and the flexibility to respond to new market developments make central management ineffective. This situation requires leaders who set goals and facilitate teams to work together to achieve a higher objective. However, for managers and support staff, it is no simple matter to reinvent their facilitating role in order to support the value streams.

When being ‘slightly agile’ isn’t good enough

Quint helps organizations to become agile by optimizing the cohesion between teams and management control. We are fully aware of how important HR, financial and compliance aspects are, and we provide a new perspective on support functions and roles. Using a step-by-step approach, at every level of the organization, the focus is shifted to interaction – with clients, the market, authorities, owners, partners and the labor market. The result? An organization that trumps its competitors when it comes to responding to – or even anticipating – changes in the environment. Customer and employee satisfaction is increased, time to market is reduced. Teams are ready to take on the important role they have in the organization. This may sound like a utopia but the reality is: it can be done!

The Agile Enterprise Framework

The Agile Enterprise Framework


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