Masterclass Strategy Development & Business Model Canvas

Do you and your team have the ambition to better utilize the potential of your organization, and to improve its punching power and capacity for change? Do you dream of a winning strategy that will leave the competition scratching their heads while giving your team a boost? If you do, it’s high time for Continuous Strategy Development. In this Masterclass, you will work with your team to design an innovative, agile strategy which you will ultimately pitch to your organization. But this is just the beginning. You will also experiment, evaluate and adjust to give your organization the desired enduring advantage based on Continuous Strategy Development.

Why this Masterclass in Strategy Development & Business Model Canvas?

The speed and opportunities afforded us by developments in technology demand new methods of strategy development. It is now essential that you continually adjust and validate your strategy and implementation plans. Speed is the key success factor in this. Gaining rapid insight into the added value of a given technology and/or working practice and then translating this to the current organization will yield input for the new strategy. Continual application of this cycle will set your organization apart from the competition and give you an enduring advantage.

Structure of the Masterclass in Strategy Development

Phase 1: The Business Model Canvas (BMC)
This Masterclass is an applied and practice-based mix of strategy sessions and deep dives into technology trends (TedQs) The business model is the red thread through your digital strategy. You work with your team to elaborate your business model in 4 sessions. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is the key instrument for achieving this. The BMC provides insight into the various clients, the services that you will provide and the delivery method. Each session offers a balanced mix of learning and doing, offering a combination of theory, exercises, practical cases and experiments.

Phase 2: TedQs
Following on from this, you will then select TedQs that are relevant for you. After just a single session, you will be up-to-date on a specific theme. TedQs are about new technology, relevant trends, developments in the markets and new working practices. Examples of this are: Organizing Digital Transformation, Value of Data, Blockchain, IT Leadership, Security & Privacy, Service Integration & Management and Cloud Computing. However, we also challenge you to contribute your own topics to the agenda.

Phase 3: Establishing the strategy
The TedQs serve as input for the enrichment of your strategy. You decide which experiments you want to try, or you can actively choose to do nothing. The result: ongoing adjustment of your strategy and creation of maximum added value for your organization.

Phase 4: Strategy development
To keep your strategy development a living and continuous process, you will regularly receive personalized content, such as a white paper that matches your situation or articles that you will not want to miss. We filter the articles and summarize the content in such a way that you can get straight down to business. The Quint coach is responsible for the red thread through all aspects of the Continuous Strategy cycle. Furthermore, the coach is the first point of contact and sparring partner for all participants.

What will you be learning and doing?

  • Devise a strategy based on the Business Model Canvas
  • Discover the most relevant (technology) trends and identify opportunities and threats for the organization
  • Experiment with new strategies focused on relevant external and internal developments
  • Keep the strategy up-to-date on an ongoing basis

Who should attend

The Masterclass in Strategy Development is designed for anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in developing and/or implementing the digital strategy of their organization. This includes executive directors, non-executive directors, COOs, CIOs and IT managers.

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