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We are immersed in the digital era. No matter the industry we work in, we are part of a changing, volatile and complex environment, more competitive and ambiguous than ever. We read every day about new startups led by “digital natives” that generate dynamic and tremendously successful businesses. We also observe how our clients, and our clients’ clients, demand an increasing digitalization of their interactions in environments where speed is crucial. Because if we do not deliver it, somebody else will.

This situation forces us to rethink the way we work and to assess how we can eliminate silos that prevent us from having an end-to-end vision. We need to develop new agile structures and operational models that will guide us through this turbulent waters, a culture that challenges our status quo, and a spirit that pushes
innovation forward.

In this magazine we have also included practical information on how to measure this transformation journey, so that information can be visible and accessible to managers and teams alike. That is the basis for any system that aims at improving continuously.

The focus of agility is on people who, by working together, generate value. In this sense, we have selected a series of articles, white papers, posters, and interviews to help understand how to transform groups into high performing teams, in order to understand how some key roles need to be played.
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