eBook – Lean IT Kaizen

As one of the pillars of Lean and Lean IT, ensuring that an IT organization is competent at ensuring continuous improvement in line with the interest of the customer(s) is absolutely vital to the success of Lean within IT. In the Lean IT Foundation, we looked at the basics of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and the DMAIC problem-solving method. In this document, we will build on this material to help you on your journey to mastering continuous improvement, and becoming a Lean IT Kaizen Lead. The Lean IT Kaizen Lead is someone who is involved with Lean improvement that could be at any level of the IT organization, in any ‘department’.

We will be using terms defined in the Lean IT Foundation publication. If a term is central to this document, we may repeat foundation course material. If you are not familiar with a particular term, please refer to the foundation course publication. We will take an in-depth look at the key aspects of organizing and running a Kaizen event. We will also investigate the DMAIC problem-solving method in substantially more detail than we did in the Foundation document. On top of this, we will use the A3 method to record and communicate the findings of our Kaizen event.

Kaizen, Lean IT, LITA
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