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The Digital Transformation Lighthouse

Quint UmbrellaToday, the four “megatrends” of cloud, big data, mobile and social technologies are having significant impacts, but industry watchers who believe that these are the only trends effecting business today are mistaken. A survey of 537 Harvard Business Review readers has shown a growing consensus among academics, consultants, and other industry experts that simply spending more on emerging technologies is not enough to boost business outcomes.

The conclusion is that companies that identify the business capabilities they need to differentiate, as well as make a commitment to transform these core business capabilities with the right digital technology will greatly outperform competitors who don’t.

study by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee has found that firms with a strong vision and mature processes for digital transformation are more profitable on average, had higher revenues, and achieved a larger market valuation than competitors that are less forward thinking. Commitment to change over time coupled with investments in these technologies is where transformation happens. This combination of innovation is the sweet spot of Quint; empowering IT to maximize business value. But this also brings about a challenge. Deep organizational change will be critical on the path to digital transformation. For this reason, we must speed up both our clients’ and our own abilities to change. 

Quintessence is an institute within Quint with the objective to closely follow developments within our business and market space to identify, modify or set new business propositions. At Quint, it is our goal to speed up the change capability of our clients with the introduction of new management tooling (eg; lean startup, Agile, KanBan, Scaled Agile Framework) and usage of new business models (eg; Data sharing, Risk/Benefit sharing). In parallel, we share (online and on-site) best practices and experiences in order to bring firms and technologies together. This is a challenge that we approach head on. Just recently, a CIO asked us to help with the development of a business model for an app that assists in the care of mentally disabled people. We are now heading up this initiative. 

Quint has to become a “Digital Transformation Lighthouse” where firms, suppliers, tooling and technology can meet and inspire each other to break the status quo and seek new initiatives. You arealways welcome to visit our lighthouse.

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