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Webinar: Achieving Customer-Centric IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Improving the user experience and making an impact on the business

In today’s IT landscape, there are continuous demands for CIOs to show customer focus, business value and to cut waste from the IT organization. Implementing IT Service Management is then often seen as counter-productive as it requires capacity and thus adds costs where the benefits are not immediately apparent.

Where nobody will disagree to pilots constantly being trained and tested on how to operate a plane, we apparently question the need to have our IT staff trained on how to establish, manage and innovate our IT environment on which we more and more depend to do our business. IT Service Management, when implemented right, provides that structure and is the pathway to show and increase customer focus, while removing waste and creating a way of working and culture across the IT Organization to continually improve user experience and impact in the business.

About this Quint Webinar

Quint invites you to attend this webinar to learn why and how to implement IT service management to show direct value to the business and the end user as well as to build the foundation on which methods as Lean IT, Agile and DevOps build and flourish.

During this 30-minute session we will cover:

  • How to define value and waste in the IT organization and how it ties back to IT Service Management
  • Identifying and maximizing user experience, while reducing wait time and waste
  • How IT Service Management works with Lean, Agile and DevOps
  • How to build a metrics framework that cascades down from the leadership to the shop floor level and points to how to drive activities and the behaviors in the organization to the required outcome
  • Aligning IT Service Management to business objectives and focusing the IT Service Management on processes that deliver business value
  • Identifying common pitfalls for those considering implementing Service Management

Who should attend?

  • IT executives seeking improvement for their organization’s delivery performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Management looking to increase the value of IT to their customers.
  • Those who wish to learn about practical applications for IT Service Management straight from the experts!

Join us for a complimentary, educational webinar in which we will tackle this transformative process.

Tijs Clous

The Presenter

Tijs Clous is Managing Partner with Quint and leads the North American Consulting Practice. His key involvement in a multitude of projects around the globe has helped many IT organizations transform into high performance organizations. He brings years practical experience assisting some of the world's largest companies streamline and accelerate their capabilities.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

10:00 am (New York - Eastern USA)
4:00 pm (Amsterdam - Europe)
8:30 pm (New Delhi - India)
11:00 pm (Kuala Lumpur - Asia)


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