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Webinar: Consulting in a Box Launch Event

Do your recognize this?

  • Are candidates going home with a certificate but unable to make a difference?
  • Do customers look for low prices and not recognize the quality you offer?
  • Are you finding it harder to differentiate in the market?
  • Do you see the competition on price getting fiercer?
  • Is your Margin under Pressure?
  • What if you could get your ITIL® Foundation courseware for FREE ?

We believe that the goal of attending training should be about actually being able to go back to your workplace and make a difference….

 Training 2.0 – Education Applied

Consulting in a Box will change our world for good, and we will share with you how you can be part of this. Only a selected group of training providers around the world will be able to offer this unique service, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Consulting in a Box

Quint developed Consulting in a Box to make the impact of taking training courses more sustainable. Consulting in a Box is an online environment that is used immediately after the completion of training. 

Consulting in a Box allows users access to a specifically designed set of assessments, tools, materials and a community, as well as supporting content involving IT Best & Next Practices. This platform provides users with constant access to advice, inspiration and support in implementing their acquired knowledge in their daily activities.

About the webinar

In this event we will explain what it is, how it came about and how you can benefit. We hope you can attend so you will be fully informed about this revolutionary new offering from Quint.

Date, Time & Registration

Thursday January 26

  •   8:00 am - San Francisco
  • 10:00 am - Chicago
  • 11:00 am - New York
  •   9:00 am - Amsterdam /  5:00 pm - Amsterdam
  •   1:30 pm - New Delhi
  •   4:00 pm - Kuala Lumpur

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