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The journey of a successful change

The reason why an organization is initiating a change is frequently to better their position in the market, to improve their image or culture or automate parts of their business processes. A few of these change efforts have been very successful. Many have been failures. The lessons that can be gained are interesting and valuable and will most probably be relevant to other organizations or departments that are facing an increasingly competitive and dynamic world. One thing is for sure, change is inevitable and will be the only constant factor in businesses, technology and cultures.

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The most general lesson to be learned from the more successful change projects is that the change process goes through a series of phases that requires time for an organization (and its people) to adopt and adept. Skipping steps creates only the illusion of speed and never produces a satisfying result. A second very general lesson is that critical mistakes in any of the phases can have a devastating impact on an organizations culture and motivation, slowing momentum and losing the impact and benefits. Perhaps because we have relatively little experience in renewing organizations, even very capable people often make at least one big error.

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Quint provides a Change management program that will give you a great opportunity to manage change projects successfully. It gives insight why people resist to change and how to overcome this and motivate your organization for further improvements and benefit realization. It provides several tools for effective stakeholder management and most importantly it explains how to effectively communicate at different stages throughout the chance project.

Change Management

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