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ConsultantsReview Magazine Ranks Quint India Most Promising IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting Firm

Sunil Mehta Quint IndiaBangalore, February 2016. As the world stands today, every enterprise is primarily overshadowed by Information technology. Corporate governance has always been an indispensable part of corporate affairs and management. IT Governance is a subsidiary of the corporate governance discipline, with a higher focus on information and technology and its performance and risk management. Mitigation of IT related intricacies is very essential to have the business running hassle-free on the corporate tracks. The Indian industrial ecosystem which is backed up by technology and upgraded business models, IT Governance has gained a leveraged significance. Be it a big shot MNC or an SME or even an entrepreneurial venture, IT Governance has become a mandatory practice. Unlike large corporate organizations which can afford the luxury of an in-house IT Governance team, SMEs and entrepreneurship have to rely upon the IT Governance consultants in the market. Owing to the high level of risk and opportunity associated with IT Governance, it is very crucial to appoint the right consultants who can add value and prospect to the business.

The "25 Most Promising IT Governance Consultants in India" list spotlights some of the most unparalleled consultants in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by abetting them beyond counselling level. The proposed nomination list aspires to guide individuals and corporations to choose the felicitous consulting partner, who befits their unambiguous requirements manifested obligations and objectives, helping them triumph over the risks and threats in business and burgeon towards transcendence and opulence.

Quint Wellington Redwood India - Easing out IT Governance through Intensive Services

Organizations today are subject to many regulations, governing data retention, confidential information, financial accountability and recovery from disasters. Irrespective of size and sector, every organization needs a way to ensure that the IT function sustains its strategies and objectives. However, many organizations embarking on the road of IT governance today, seek assistance from external advisers. In early 90's the IT industry was growing and the demand for cutting edge tools and technologies, along with easy to use solutions which are adaptable to the changing industry trends grabbed the front line. While, very few IT service providers were equipped with the right tools and business solutions which can infuse and operate in diverse customer business scenarios, Quint Group emerged as a game changer in this sector. In the 90's when Quint made its head start, it wanted to help clients utilize and reap benefits of IT. Operating in more than 18 countries and across four continents, today Quint provides strategy, sourcing and service management to leading organizations, creating and implementing best practices worldwide such as ITIL , ITSM, Lean IT, IT  Governance - COBIT®, Agile Development. DevOps, Change Management and Project Management.

Journey to Success

In the global context, Infrastructure and Applications are the matter of survival for organizations and only few know to griddle it accordingly in the absence of standard procedures. In 1992 when the first best practice of IT Service Management or ITIL carne up from the UK, Quint was one of the early adopters to the best practice. "The moment we saw this at a time as early as 1992, which was missing in a global context. We use this best practice to benchmark organizations and help them achieve more from their IT and to make IT more effective, the setup more effective and the procedure more standard," says Sunil Mehta, Managing Director, Quint Wellington Redwood India.

Back in 90's unlike the European market, the APAC region was not matured enough to perceive the IT consulting and governance sector. Howbeit, with a vision to reinforce and redefine the ITIL and Governance sector, Quint was launched in the Indian market in the year 2005. "We thought that it would be a good strategy to enter Asia, from an Education angle, so that we can train people, make them more aware and once they are ready, we could go and talk to them about consultancy. So, we set up an Education base in India in 2005 and we now train nearly 20000 participants every year," recollects Sunil. But there were hiccups in the market and Quint Group saw the lags of standard procedure, deficit of knowledge among the people in the industry with regards to managing IT and handling infrastructure. For maintaining their position as a pioneer in the market, Quint Group has employed client reliability, high-end services and a strategy in their business proceedings.

Roster of High-end Services

A comprehensive IT strategy must address all of the organization's IT security and governance needs by embracing right technologies, mitigating threats and regulations white demonstrating business value to its clients in a sustained manner. Quint's knowledge and proficiency has enabled them in the successful functioning and being the trail-blazer in the industry. A company needs to utilize the right set of tools or technology to make a process function in the precise set of manner. From this perspective Quint has adopted 4P's for the successful functioning, which stands for Process, People, Product and Partner. Sustainability of IT Compliance is a function of various internal and external environmental factors, often beyond the control of the enterprises. Perceiving this, Quint Group has structured their three layered services which include Training services, Assessment Services and implementation Services. The company also employs the concept of Lean IT and Agile for their company proceedings. While Agile has accelerated the process, Lean IT has made the system very cost-effective.

Though its initiation in the Indian consultancy industry was sluggish, Quint Group flourished with leaps and bounds when IT companies acknowledged the authenticity of consultancy services and how it can take them to great heights. The knowledge and expertise of Quint Group took them to the pinnacle of accomplishment and it multiplied with its each new opening across the country. After its first opening in Bangalore in 2005, the company spread out to Delhi in 2006, Hyderabad and Pune in 2007. The latest focus is on innovative best practices like Lean IT, Agile and DevOps. The company's success story continues as they have built a strong presence in varied sectors ranging from IT vendors, Banking & Finance, Telco, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities and every other achievable sector. Delivering comprehensive end-to-¬end solutions in the shortest time frames, Quint Group is venturing towards a bright and promising future.

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Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm. Since our establishment in 1992, our portfolio has been focused on providing consultancy services and training courses aimed at designing and optimizing IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Quint itself does not provide IT services. We see it as our task – and our challenge – to aid our clients in getting the most out of their existing and new IT. We deliver our consultancy jobs based on accountability for results. In doing so, we focus on Sourcing Advisory, IT Service Management, Lean IT, DevOps, Agile, IT Governance, Benchmarking and Architecture & Security.

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