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Lean IT Education and Certification

LeanIT is the Key

The key to better IT performance

For many IT managers, the performance of their IT department is under constant pressure. Incidents, calls and service requests mount up, while the staff are already very busy working on changes and new projects. Simply deploying more people is often not an option due to budget constraints, yet the workload only increases, as does the number of customer complaints. Lean IT can turn the tide.

Lean IT

Lean is an effective approach for improving the quality of products or services. The Lean method was originally developed by Toyota for manufacturing cars, but those ideas have since been applied in many other sectors. The core principle of the Lean ethos is that the value added to a product or service can only be determined by the end user. Essentially, Lean principles are aimed at maximizing customer value and minimizing waste. In addition, Lean also concentrates on continuously improving the processes that underlie both these goals. Simply put, the Lean ethos is all about creating more added value with fewer resources. This is a statement with far-reaching consequences.
Lean IT Teams
Lean IT Improvement

Continuous improvement

Lean IT focuses on maximizing customer value by minimizing waste (work that adds no value). The most important element is achieving operational excellence by improving flexibility and the quality of services and processes. All staff members are therefore engaged in building a customer-oriented and value-based culture, and they are involved in the continuous improvement of services by optimizing the IT activities and processes that support the most business-critical applications and IT services.

APMG Lean IT Certification

Quint Academy’s Lean IT courses are the ideal vehicle for the successful implementation of change. Participants are awarded a Lean IT Foundation course certificate after they successfully complete the course. To optimally equip professionals for successful change and to facilitate change, we use an integrated approach in our courses based on the five dimensions of Lean and Agile: Customer, Performance, Processes, Organization and Attitude & Behavior. Quint’s strength is to help professionals overcome obstacles, internalize new knowledge & skills and attitude & behavior, and realize impact.
Lean IT certification

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Premium Lean IT eLearning

Our eLearning course was developed to provide participants with great insight into the main concepts of Lean IT and to teach them the skills needed for managing, supporting and supervising Lean transformations. Participants are awarded a Lean IT Foundation course certificate after successfully completing the course.

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Virtual Classroom LeanIT Foundation

In-company training programs can be customized, if necessary. These programs comprise courses aimed at specific competencies for IT management and management in general, and for professionals and young potentials. The courses support the business or IT strategy and can be integrated into the overarching HR and corporate policy of your organization. Participating organizations and individual participants acquire a wealth of applicable knowledge and useful experience.

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