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Agile software development is an important method for developing iterative systems in collaboration with business. When a business aims to flexibly react to the market, enhance its systems and make radical changes to its development process, Agile software development can help! There are many flavors of Agile software, but the most familiar and simple form is called Scrum. Scrum focuses upon creating a "Product Owner" (Gatekeeper). The Product Owner sets priorities on behalf of the business, explains the functional requirements to IT and manages the Business stakeholders. The presence of a proven Product Owner contributes greatly to predictability and increases the development team's productivity. Our Agile courses are focused on Agile development within the context in which software development takes place as that has a tremendous impact on the success of Agile software development. A few examples of complex context are:

  • The role and position of the Product Owner within large complex organizations
  • Major projects in which multiple development teams need to cooperate
  • A sometimes highly complex IT environment that needs to produce the software
  • A diffuse business environment that will actually use the delivered functionality

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The Business Case for DevOps


Agile News

Quint supports the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW) in its transition to agile working


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