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ISTQB® Foundation (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Training & Certification

Course Description:
The Foundation Certificate in Software Testing is ideal for all who have an interest in understanding the basic concepts of software testing. It examines up to level K3 of the given learning objectives / levels of knowledge. This certificate also counts towards the ISEB Diploma in Systems Development. ISEB certification leads to ISTQB certified testing qualifications. The Foundation Certificate in Software Testing now has dual accreditation with the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and successful candidates will receive certification with both ISEB and ISTQB recognition at Foundation level.


Why ISTQB+ISEB Qualification?

  • Universally accepted SW Testing Qualification.
  • Carefully tailored to meet the needs of IS Practitioners, at all stages in their careers.
  • Cover all major areas of IS, Management, Development, Service Delivery and Quality.

Course Outline:

  • Fundamentals of testing ( K2)
    • Why is testing necessary?
    • What is testing?
    • General testing principles
    • Fundamental test process
    • The psychology of testing
  • Testing throughout the software life cycle ( K2 )
    • Software development models
    • Test levels
    • Test types: the targets of testing
    • Maintenance testing
  • Static techniques ( K2)
    • Reviews and the test process
    • Review process
  • Test design techniques ( K4 )
  • Test management ( K3 )
    • Test organization
    • Test planning and estimation
    • Test progress monitoring and control
    • Configuration management
    • Risk and testing
    • Incident management
  • Tool support for testing  ( K2 )
    • Types of test tool
    • Effective use of tools: potential benefits and risks
    • Potential benefits and risks of tool support for testing (for all tools)
    • Special considerations for some types of tool
  • Introducing a tool into an organization

Foundation Exam Structure:
The examination will last one hour and will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions. It will be a 'closed book' examination i.e. no notes or books will be allowed into the examination room. The pass mark is 26/40.

Training fees:
INR 11,000.00

INR 11,000.00

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