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Organizations today need to be in control and optimize their daily business, but additionally they  need to innovate on their business models and technologies. Lean IT offers a strong, well-founded  solution for both these challenges. Lean revolves around principles for operational excellence, for customer centricity, for strategy  deployment, for management of change and transition, for team and individual behavior and motivation. On all these levels, we have learned that the implications of applying our Lean IT set of hypotheses will have different meaning for five dimensions:

  1. How we connect and interact with customers as we continuously try to capture their need and demand
  2. How we optimize our processes and their supporting or enabling technology
  3. The way we are organized
  4. The focus on performance and necessary capabilities
  5. The way people behave and interact with each other on operational and management level bringing in leadership and the attitude and behavior that drives team performance.

Setting the Standard for Lean IT Education and Certification

Quint is founding member of the Lean IT Association (LITA). This non-profit organization founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATO's) and three Examination Institutes (EI's) To realize its broader purpose LITA aims to provide:

  • an industry-standard set of Lean IT reference materials and other resources for practitioner organizations to use;
  • a clear understanding of the value and positioning of Lean IT relative to other bodies of knowledge, frameworks and standards;
  • a certification scheme aimed at practitioner organizations looking to adopt Lean IT principles in the IT Service development and operations department as well as professionals that want to be certified in Lean IT on various levels.

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