Agile Development

Agile software development is an important method for developing iterative systems in collaboration with business. When a business aims to flexibly react to the market, enhance its systems and make radical changes to its development process, Agile software development can help! There are many flavors of Agile software, but the most familiar and simple form is called Scrum. Scrum focuses upon creating a "Product Owner" (Gatekeeper). The Product Owner sets priorities on behalf of the business, explains the functional requirements to IT and manages the Business stakeholders. The presence of a proven Product Owner contributes greatly to predictability and increases the development team's productivity.
Agile Development

The Agile Enterprise

Quint focuses its Agile development within the context in which software development takes place as that has a tremendous impact on the success of Agile software development. Quint focuses on increasing the efficacy of software development by creating transparency around performance, providing support and guidance to the management and business partners and applying the principles of continuous improvement. Quint's vast experience in business and IT at the operational, tactical and strategic level, makes it uniquely qualified to strengthen team cohesion, allowing for demonstrably greater customer value at a lower cost and shorter lead time.

Agile Training & Certification