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Quint Wellington Redwood and ITpreneurs Chart New Course for ITSM and DevOps Professionals

ITSM and DevOpsBridging IT Service Management and DevOps to provide IT professionals with the know-how to understand the synergies between both worlds. 

Management consultancy and training provider Quint Wellington Redwood and ITpreneurs are introducing a new one-day course that lays the foundations of IT Service Management (ITSM) and DevOps. By doing so, both companies show their commitment to bridging the gap between the role of the traditional world of ITSM and that of the new modern world of DevOps. The course fits seamlessly into the qualifications program of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA).

This new course is aimed at professionals who work in ITSM. Among other things, it provides participants with insights into the six major DASA principles of DevOps, including working in multidisciplinary autonomous teams, and making use of the capacity for continuous improvement. In particular, participants learn how the disciplines of ITSM and DevOps can work together, shoulder to shoulder.

DevOps is a combination of the words ‘developer’ and (system) ‘operator’. DevOps involves working in an agile way on the delivery of IT services whereby the responsibility for both development and operations lies within a single team.

Global Launch Webinar

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Practical examples

Course participants get to work using concrete practical examples and group discussions. In this way, they learn for themselves that ITIL® actually fits perfectly with DevOps; the two are complementary. ITIL best practices add value to DevOps. By the end of the day, participants are able to explain DevOps and can point out the relevance of ITSM processes for the performance of DevOps teams. 

Fast and flexible IT

The starting point in both ITIL and DevOps is delivering stable IT services, quickly identifying the cause of incidents and fast incident resolution. ITIL’s success is thanks to the use of best practices regarding tasks, processes and priorities. Today, however, there is a growing need for fast and flexible IT. This explains the rise of DevOps. And yet, according to DevOps guru Gene Kim, it’s not just about speed. New functionalities must not create chaos or result in disruptions. It is precisely in this area that the best practices and tight procedures of ITIL prove their worth.

“Contrary to what is often claimed, ITSM and DevOps really are a good match. However, to achieve it, the ITSM experts in an organization must be prepared to immerse themselves in the principles of DevOps. If they don’t, they will let their company – and themselves – down. DevOps is not hype. It’s a sustainable change that you must not allow to pass you by,” says Sukhbir Jasuja, CEO of ITpreneurs.

“While DevOps is on a real triumphal march throughout the business community, you don’t hear much from ITSM. However, ITSM professionals who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone will realize that their ITIL knowledge is still very relevant, and actually adds value to today’s DevOps concept. The RightScale 2016 State of DevOps Report shows that DevOps has a very beneficial effect on organizational culture and employee engagement. The ROI for a company is high,” says Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint Wellington Redwood.

In March 2016, Quint Wellington Redwood, ITpreneurs and Xebia founded the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) with the aim of developing a universal qualifications program for DevOps. Within this framework, the new DevOps course for ITSM professionals serves as a platform to move on to the three-day DASA DevOps Fundamentals course. DASA helps IT professionals get the best out of themselves by providing individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to transition from traditional IT into a high-performing IT organization. 

The course will be available as an open-enrollment and in-company program from the spring of 2017. For more information visit

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