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Maximising Productivity

With the current business watchword being efficiency, more companies are looking at their sourcing strategy in order to streamline their operations. They stand to reap a host of benefits, from leveraging on specialist skills to improvements in quality of service and innovation. This also leaves them to focus on core business processes instead of wasting resources on non-core functions that are not part of their main competencies.

This is especially true where IT services are concerned. “Companies should organise their time, effort, capacity and knowledge around their core activities (earning matters) and not around non-core activities as these can be considered as commoditised matters,” says Quint Wellington Redwood Asia’s Regional Director, Jeffrey Doss.

Experts with a solid background like Quint can come in with strong credibility and reputation as your Sourcing advisor. The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals has recognised the Quint Group as the “World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors” for 2014, where companies were judged on four critical characteristics: size and growth; customer references; organizational competencies; and management capabilities.

Quint is a privately held, fully independent company that specialises in several key fields, one of the leading areas being IT Sourcing consultancy. Quint’s independence means that they’ll be able to look after the best interests of your company without being beholden to any external third parties who sometimes are driven by technology platforms. With a long history in dealing with the best IT solutions the industry has to offer, Quint provides a comprehensive portfolio of services in a highly integrated and coordinated form.

Source: Business Today


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