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IT Service Management education & certification accessible for everyone in Indonesia

Quint Wellington Redwood launches ITSM certificate offering a comprehensive and affordable way for Indonesian students to earn professional certification.

JAKARTA Aug 30, 2016 – Indonesian students who lack much-needed professional certification now have an affordable alternative. Thanks to a unique partnership between an IT management consultancy and an Indonesian professional education provider, students can now get a leg up in the competitive information technology (IT) job market.

Quint and MultimaticsQuint Wellington Redwood, a global, independent consulting firm specializing in world-class IT management and education, recently launched its own Certificate of IT Service Management Foundation (CITSM). The certificate, which was conceived in collaboration with its partner, Multimatics, one of Indonesia’s leading continuing professional education providers, offers a more cost-effective way, especially in rural provinces, for Indonesian students to obtain professional certification. The certificate also provides the industry with qualified staff in a field where real-world experience is prized over university diplomas and degrees.

Quint’s CEO, Maurice Boon launched the CITSM Program at the third Multimatics Day 2015 (MDAY), at the Intercontinental Midplaza Hotel, Jakarta on June 10. Over 300 guests from Indonesian universities, colleges, corporations and government agencies witnessed this historic event. In his speech, Boon explained that the driver behind Quint’s own certification program was the industry’s need for qualified professionals and to make professional certification more accessible to those who want it. Participants were told that without any real-world working experience, the field of IT Service Management may be difficult to comprehend, especially if English is not widely used and spoken.

CITSMService Management is a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way IT is used within an organization. The goal of IT Service Management is to ensure that the right processes, people and technology are in place so that the organization can meet its business goals. IT Service Management is an area of expanding job opportunities and skill shortages in the modern world of business computing and service delivery. “Many universities offer diploma and degree courses in IT Service Management, but they may not be sufficient to gain entry to the work force. This is where a student who holds a Professional Certificate that is recognized worldwide will be more competitive. However, such professional certification is expensive to obtain and passing the exam requires in-depth knowledge,” explains Boon. “Quint’s Certificate of IT Service Management Foundation has been carefully packaged as a comprehensive but affordable 16-week program of two hours per session,” adds Boon. “Unlike a standard 3-day course which rushes through the syllabus, forcing students to memorize for the exam without understanding the course material, this longer duration allows them time to fully understand the topics,” Boon further explains.

About the Certificate of IT Service Management Foundation (CITSM)

This course provides students with an introduction to the world of IT Service Management, including topics detailing the drivers behind the industry’s shift from product orientation to service-delivery orientation, the value of managed services to customers and service providers, and an introduction to the components and concepts that form the managed service delivery. Students will also explore the various standards and frameworks available to support the implementation of ITSM and learn about careers within this growing field. At the end of this course, students will be able to sit an exam and earn certification issued by Quint. This course will also prepare students to further embark on ITSM frameworks and standards certification such as ITIL®, COBIT® and ISO standards.

This certification from Quint is yet another example of how the company, which the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals voted the top advisory firm globally in both 2014 and 2015, continues to live up to its motto of “Dare to Challenge”. In this case, Quint found a way to successfully bridge the gap between the staffing needs of the IT Service Management industry and the ability of the Indonesian further education system to provide quality candidates.

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About Quint Wellington Redwood

Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm. Since our establishment in 1992, our portfolio has been focused on providing consultancy services and training courses aimed at designing and optimizing IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Quint itself does not provide IT services. We see it as our task – and our challenge – to aid our clients in getting the most out of their existing and new IT. We deliver our consultancy based on accountability for results. In doing so, we focus on Sourcing Advisory, IT Service Management, Lean IT, IT Governance, Benchmarking and Architecture & Security. Quint is all about people. Our staff and our clients are our greatest assets. Open communication, transparency in creating and fulfilling expectations, and the feeling that ‘we’re in this together’ ensure that staff and clients alike feel at home and valued by Quint.

About Multimatics

Multimatics is a Professional Education Institution that delivers Education, Training, Testing, and Certification with a focus on IT, various sub-disciplines of Business Management (Sales & Marketing, Operations, Project Management), and Financial Certification Programs that are accredited and affiliated with international examinations bodies and technology companies. Its aim is to be clients’ leading and preferred partner by providing continuous professional education and solution services through consultancy based on internationally recognized IT and Business Management frameworks and practices to enable clients to become high-performance organizations. Multimatics has more than 10 years of experience in providing, developing, and assisting various institutions by delivering quality education including International Certifications and solution services.

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