Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA)


Turning data into value

Quint is founding partner of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA). A centre for cross-disciplinary insight based at RSM to explore data analytics, enhance data knowledge, and find the business uses for digital applications and technologies to benefit from the digital transformation. The aim of ECDA is to provide academic expertise and business insights into big data and analytics.

ECDA Objectives

  1. develops methodologies to analyse and visualise data;
  2. helps in navigating data governance and finding benefits in the digital transformation of business;
  3. provides short training courses for executives as well as providing education at bachelor and master level to full-time students;
  4. hosts a data lab and test hub with founding partners to identify business opportunities.

The centre’s main goal is to establish longterm strategic collaborations with partners in- and outside the academic world. Within these collaborations we intend to contribute by offering courses, developing joint research programmes, and providing advice and data science experience. In return we offer expert advice, data science experiences, new hands-on skills for your employees through our courses and programmes, research projects that discover new knowledge that benefit businesses, and data science experiences. One of our key strengths is our ability to identify the potential of data that may already be available and business opportunities.

Executive Education: Leadership Challenges with Data Analytics

Digitization, data validation and the use of artificial intelligence offer organizations opportunities to increase the efficiency and innovation of products, services and processes. How can you, as a data-driven organization, really improve business performance and accelerate upscaling? That is the challenge!

The Erasmus Center for Data Analytics and Quint want to help make a difference in the new digital world. That is why we facilitate the Leadership Challenges training program with data analysis.  In this video we tell you all about the ins- and outs of this leadership program.


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